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    Warranty & Returns
       1.    Money back guarantee
       2.    The warranty on goods
       3.    Warranty period
       4.    Complaints
       5.    How and where to apply the Complaint
       6.    Complaint of the Carrier services


    Warranty & Returns


       1.    Money back guarantee

We provide the money back guarantee of 14 days where you could return the goods you ordered without specifying reason. In case you realise you do not want the goods anymore you can send it back and we will return you your money via bank wire transfer of postal order within 30 days.

Money back guarantees conditions:
       1.    The goods must be returned in original packaging so that it can be offered to other customers.
       2.    The goods must be shipped back to us within 14 days from reception.
       3.    Only money for goods will be returned, we cannot return the shipping and packaging cost. In special cases the payment back can be deducted by the costs related to the withdrawal of the contract. (see next paragraph)
       4.    The returned goods can only be shipped via common post. Shipments COD will not be accepted.
       5.    Any audio or video products can only be accepted if the original packaging is not damaged.

       2.    The warranty on goods

All goods we sale is covered by suitable warranty and often also shipped with Warranty certificate. Where certificate from manufacturer is not included the standard Waranty period is applied.
The Warranty cannot be applied where the defect was caused by:
       -    improper use of product
       -    mechanical damage or wear out
       -    natural disaster (water, fire, lightning, etc.)
       -    other external causes (power instability, power overstrain etc.)

The warranty does not apply to the parts that are predisposed to wear (o-rings, seals, springs, etc.)

       3.    Warranty period

The Warranty Period is usually 24 months apart from the Goods of consumption character and starts at the moment when the goods are received by the customer.

       4.    Complaints

Where legitimate complaint is applied within the Warranty period all defects will be removed free of charge. The defect is solved according to the goods type as replacement of the goods, partial replacement of the defected part or it can be repaired in the service centre.

       5.    How and where to apply the Complaint

In case the Buyer discovers the defect on the Goods the Goods must be sent to the Seller without undue delay. The related transportation costs are to be paid by the Buyer and in case the Complaint is found as appropriate the Buyer can claim the transportation costs. The repaired or replaced Goods will be sent back at our costs. Complaint must be solved within 30 days.
Attention! The Goods should never be sent as COD – it will not be accepted.

       6.    Complaint of the Carrier services

The goods is being delivered via the Carrier Services – our contract partners. In case the shipment is damaged please follow these instructions:

       1.    Always inspect the shipment in front of the Carrier employee.
       2.    In case the packaging is damaged (squeezed, ripped, wet, etc.) ask the carrier to elaborate the protocol describing the damage.
       3.    Do not accept the argument that the packaging was not sufficient.

In case you experience problems with the Carrier Service please do contact us on info@paintball-shop.eu under the subject: Complaint on the carrier services. We would appreciate if you could describe the problem, enter your contact details, the number of the shipment and the number of the invoice. We will solve your Complaint with the Carrier and will keep you informed.
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